O&M Service of Wind Power Plant

Operation & Maintenance is one of the most critical ways to ensure that the solar power system gives the best possible generation.

The operation and maintaining of any equipment are really essential to have a better life of such equipment. When we consider the Operation and Maintenance of the Wind Power Plants there are several specific things to consider on.

Technically wind power plants need to withstand electrical and mechanical stresses. So proper operation and maintainers standards are maintained such plants for smooth operation over a longer period. In most modern wind power plants, the controlling applications are performed by computer-related programs. However, the performance of such equipment is monitors on the daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Our on-site O&M teams have deep industry experience with all OEM equipment so that we can develop maintenance schedules that optimize production and equipment availability. We deliver a higher standard of service by tailoring our practices with our customer’s individual goals and objectives.

Our Capabilities

Our unique combination of world-class marine spread, expertise and experience mean that Fred. Olsen Windcarrier can deliver complete large component exchange solutions for our clients.

  • Real-time plant monitoring & control
  • Forecasting and Scheduling
  • Verification and Reporting
  • Coordination and Supervising

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