Substation Maintenance

We have extensive experience with medium (11 KV to 66 KV) and high voltage substations (up to 138 KV).

A well planned electrical substation maintenance assures reliable supply and reduction in failures. Many failures can be detected during the electrical substation maintenance routines, reducing the risk of significant plant downtime, and preventing future problems. The risk of a catastrophic failure can cost large time and money. The electrical substation maintenance involves periodic planned inspections, checking, testing and troubleshooting, to ensure the correct operation of all components and their interaction during the plant lifecycle. Typical inspection and diagnosis processes of the electrical substation maintenance includes, among others, transformers, breakers, protection relays, wiring and switchgear in general.

Each device requires different strategies. Implementing the right action at the right time will define different electrical substation maintenance procedures, whether time based, condition or reliability based. All of them must be supported by suitable testing tools.

Our engineering team's experience will benefit you when you need to:

  • Convert primary or secondary voltages
  • Add switches and busbar section (s)
  • Add or replace a power transformer and instrument transformers
  • Replace oil circuit breakers with SF6 circuit breakers
  • Add an entirely new substation for enhanced reliability with lightning arrestors, interrupters, disconnect switches, foundations, steel structures, grounding, test switches, and other controls

We will help with frequency planning, and will conduct a wide variety of testing on all of your major electrical apparatus, including (but not limited to):

  • Power transformers
  • Breakers
  • Protection relays and controls
  • Station battery
  • And test switches

Our team is also hands-on, equipped to upgrade your electromechanical switchgear of:

  • Protective line relays
  • Test switches
  • Meters
  • And other controls

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