• A few motivations to change to e-Scooter

    The fuel required for driving any vehicle, even only for a short distance, add up very quickly now a days.

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  • Successfully charged 500kw Industrial Solar Rooftop

    "Solar is the only option"

    One more feather added to our success.

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  • "Power & Energy Africa - 2022" Exhibition at Dar-Es-Salam - Tanzania. (Country in East Africa)

    Opportunities are just a visit away when you are confident.

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  • "Renewable Energy Growth Forum" Sri Lanka Chapter.

    We Onix Group "Exibit Partner" at 4th Edition of Renewable Energy Exhibition - Colombo Sri Lanka.

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  • Captive Solar Power Plant - What's It and What's the Benefit of Using It

    The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word "Solar Plant" is the rooftop solar plant. Isn't that? So, what's Captive Solar Power Plant?

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  • Get Onix Smart Water Heaters for smart you

    In the tropical country like India, we are well versed with its changing temperatures & Indian weather conditions. Especially during the times of this critical situation, it has become essential to protect personal hygiene...

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  • What To Look For Before Buying Solar Modules?

    Businesses and governments across the globe are actively working towards promoting the use of renewable and cleaner sources of energy. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprints and make your home...

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